Manifa provides technology that makes it easier, faster and safer for you to carry out your oil tank cleaning and oil recovery processes.


ATS – Oil product tank cleaning

The MoClean® ATS Tank Cleaning System is a mobile, self-powered, integrated process that cleans small and medium sized tanks containing white oil, petrochemical products and smaller crude oil tanks.

Oil product tank cleaning

The MoClean® system is well suited for oil product tanks such as diesel and jet fuel tanks.

Crude oil tank cleaning

The BLABO® system has been designed for ‘difficult-to-clean’ tanks and it simultaneously recovers oil from the cleaned-out sludge.

Slop Oil Treatment

The SLOPO® system is designed to treat slop oils with a wide range of characteristics, from slop oil with a high solid content to slop oil from the desalter rag layer.

Nitrogen generation

NitroGen® – on-site Nitrogen generator solutions for oil storage tank blanketing.